Family key court case updates June 2022

Family key court case updates June 2022
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  • Released 13th Jun 2022
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This presentation is made up of a selection of some of the most interesting Family law court cases to happen in the UK in recent months.

The cases include post-nuptial agreements, £8 million divorce litigation, overseas surrogacy, and fathers’ contribution to childcare. These include High Court challenges, First-tier Tribunal challenges, and Court of Appeal decisions.

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Learning objectives:

  • Exposure to up-to-date case law
  • Updates and decisions on a number of guideline cases


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Cathy Henderson

PR & Content Consultant • LegalRSS

A trained journalist with more than 25 years' experience in media & communications, Cathy has spent much of her career working for law firms. She has news broadcast experience and regularly creates and edits PR and social media content. As part of the Legal RSS team, Cathy works closely with court reporters to help law firms keep their clients informed.

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