Understanding all-in-one Cloud based phone, meeting, and messaging solutions

Understanding all-in-one Cloud based phone, meeting, and messaging solutions
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  • Released 9th May 2022
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There’s been a seismic shift in how and where we all work, accelerated by the global pandemic.

We will discuss how firms in the legal services sector can improve communication and collaboration in the new world of hybrid work.

Meetings that were once exclusively held in courtrooms or law offices may now be happening in kitchens and spare bedrooms via video conference. Law firms have had to adapt - and adapt fast, while always ensuring the secure and proper treatment of client data and information.

We will look closely at the cloud-based Unified Communications tools that are making it possible for partners, solicitors, and other staff to work productively and securely from anywhere.

The interviewee is Joe Walsh, Director of Global Product Marketing at GoTo. https://www.goto.com/ Joe has a long history in telephony, cloud migration and virtual meeting technologies. He understands hybrid workforces, the legal services sector and has consulted with SMEs located all over the World.

Joe will discuss the positive impact on staff and clients of improving communications and collaboration. He explains that ‘Cloud’ is at the heart of everything – enabling access from anywhere, powering digital transformation and driving down costs.

We finish the interview by considering the future – what software, IT tools and virtual meeting technologies are just around the corner to continue to help law firms, their clients, and staff?


For more information on GoTo, visit their partner profile by clicking the logo to the side of this video.

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During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to improve communication and collaboration in the new world of hybrid work.
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities
  • Appreciating the difference between traditional ‘on premise’ PBX telephony and cloud-based unified comms solutions, provided as a service (UCaaS). Hardware vs Software.
  • Understanding the cloud-based tools that are available to law firms to enable the seamless integration of phone, meeting, and messaging in a single solution.
  • Learning industry and SME best practice.
  • Gaining practical hints and tips to source, trial and install an all-in-one Cloud based phone, meeting, and messaging solution.
  • The impact of the new Unified Communications software on billable hours and profitability.

Joseph Walsh

Director, Global Product Marketing • GoTo

Joseph is a Product Marketing Leader with almost 20yrs experience across some of the biggest brands in Communications. He and his team are tasked with understanding everything customer related at GoTo. Through Market Research, Customer Feedback, Competitor Insight, and partnerships with leading Industry Analysts, Joseph and his team deep dive into the challenges businesses face today, the tech solutions needed to overcome these challenges, and how GoTo uniquely support these efforts

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