Lexcel Compliance Training in One Hour

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  • Released 6th Dec 2021
  • Damon Swindell
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What is Lexcel?

"Lexcel is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and excellence in legal client care”. Lexcel applies to SRA regulated entities. Lexcel has been subject to regular review and refresh and has been through a number of versions since its launch. We are currently at v6.1 and there is a new version on the way!

Course Tutor

Damon Swindell has been involved with the standard since it was launched in 1998, initially as a consultant until 2008, when he became registered as an Assessor.

Course Overview

This course will provide an introduction and overview of the Law Society quality management accreditation known as Lexcel. Information will be provided for those interested in seeking this accreditation and a refresher for those who already have it or recruited people new to the standard. The session will talk through the whole accreditation and assessment process providing practical advice on how to navigate the process successfully as well as highlighting some of the pitfalls.

This course has seven easy to digest areas which concentrate on the following key areas:

  • Strategy and Structure
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • People Management
  • Risk Management
  • Client Care
  • File & Case Management

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of Lexcel quality standard and how it can help you manage your business of providing legal services in challenging times
  • Assist in making strategic decisions to go for the Lexcel accreditation
  • The history of the Lexcel Standard including the different versions and the current v6.1
  • The context of Lexcel within the solicitors’ profession
  • The accreditation process including the 7 areas of strategy and structure, financial management, information management, people management, risk management, client care and file & case management.
  • The requirements of the standard
  • How to prepare your firm for the Lexcel accreditation
  • The time commitment included in preparing for Lexcel
  • What a Lexcel assessment looks like during Covid-19, and what the outcomes of the assessment are


Your CPD Certificate can be found in your Account.

Damon Swindell

Management consultant • LawRisk Ltd

Damon has worked extensively in the solicitors’ profession for over 25 years as a Quality and Risk Management adviser and latterly as a Law Society accredited adviser and assessor for the Lexcel quality standard. He was a regular presenter for leading national training providers on key management subjects including the SRA’s Management Course Stage 1 & 2 and was the head of a national network of medium-sized law firms promoting best practice and service excellence.

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Lexcel Compliance Training in One Hour

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