Underwriting Title Risks in Scotland

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  • Released 15th May 2023
  • Kirstin Nee
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This is an introduction into the underwriting of specific title risks in Scotland for any conveyancer who encounters title defects as part of their role.

The session begins with a general session on what is title insurance, why it is used in Scotland and what it covers.

We will then look at risks that property professionals are commonly faced with as part of conveyancing in Scotland on a day to basis as well as some more niche risks they may encounter.

We then tackle what underwriting considerations are looked at when writing these risks including contact with potential claimants, land registration and geography.

Looking at specific examples of underwriting for certain risks we will see this in action. One of the case studies even includes a claim.

The talk will conclude by looking at the old ways title matters were underwritten and how many factors have streamlined the underwriting process making obtaining title insurance effortless.

Learning objectives:

  • What is title insurance and why it is used.
  • Risks commonly and uncommonly insured in Scotland.
  • How title defects are underwritten.
  • Land registration when assessing risk.
  • What happens in a claim.


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Kirstin Nee

Head of Scotland and Northern Ireland • DUAL Asset

Kirstin entered the legal indemnities market straight from Strathclyde School of Law. She has expertise underwriting across the globe and is especially well regarded for her work on high net worth commercial and residential defective title policies across the Celtic jurisdictions.

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