Charities as Beneficiaries – General and CGT

Charities as Beneficiaries – General and CGT
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  • 57m
  • All Levels
  • Released 3rd Jan 2023
  • Professor Lesley King
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Many wills include gifts to charities either as specific legacies or as residuary gifts. When dealing with such estates you need to comply with all the standard requirements of efficient administration.

However, when charities are involved, you need to be aware of a number of particular issues that can cause problems. This session is divided into two parts, each of which are free-standing.

This webinar looks at Charities as Beneficiaries in General and CGT, including:

  • Dealing with misnamed charities and the options available
  • Ex gratia payments from charities
    - when a charity may consider making one
    - current requirements and changes to be introduced in the Charities Act 2022
  • CGT considerations
    - appropriations to save tax
  • When the requirements of Charities Act 2011 need to be considered and the changes that Charities Act 2022 will introduce
  • Estate and Trust Accounts: particular issues for charities
  • Best practice in relation to Form R185

The Institute of Legacy Management has a helpful booklet, Charities as Beneficiaries, produced by the Law Society. The booklet can be bought from the Law Society or downloaded from the ILM website at

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Learning objectives:

After this session you will be able to

  • make appropriate initial checks
  • deal appropriately with estate and trust accounts
  • take appropriate steps to minimise CGT



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Professor Lesley King

Professional Development Consultant • University of Law

Author of Wills, Taxation and Administration: A Practical Guide; A Modern Approach to Wills, Administration and Estate Planning (with Precedents); A Modern Approach to Lifetime Tax Planning for Private Clients (with Precedents); A Practitioner’s Guide to Wills; Varying the Disposition of an Estate after Death; Wills: A Practical Guide; and editor of The Probate Practitioner’s Handbook.

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