How to run a successful conveyancing department

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  • Released 2nd Sept 2021
  • Paul Sams
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Lawyers are not good at business decisions. They need to realise that they need to be strategic in their thinking. As well as being a lawyer they need to be parent, friend, mentor and compliance guru. The idea of this course is to give those who lead teams something to think about.

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Learning objectives:

  • To identify issues with staff
  • To identify new opportunities for work
  • How to motivate your team
  • How to win new work
  • How to be different
  • How to succeed at compliance



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Paul Sams

Partner • Dutton Gregory Solicitors

Paul decided he wanted to be a solicitor at seven years old. Since then he has become an award winning nationally recognised expert in the field of residential property having been asked to lecture other lawyers across the Country.

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