Understanding and supporting bereavement

Understanding and supporting bereavement
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  • Released 19th Jun 2023
  • Stacy Moore
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Death and dying are often considered socially taboo subjects, spoken about in hushed tones and whispers. However, they are an inevitable part of all of our lives, whether we are an employee, and employer or a customer.

This webinar will give professionals the tools to have compassionate and empathetic conversations with clients and colleagues who have recently been bereaved.

It will raise awareness of the stages of grief and how this may impact on the way people interact. It will give insight into how we can deliver the most compassionate versions of ourselves during emotionally testing times.

Using psychological principles, Stacy will share practical techniques that professionals can use in their interactions. Ultimately, a genuinely caring and compassionate company Tone of Voice is important for our businesses to adopt and is ethically the right thing to do to serve our communities better.

Learning objectives:

  • To explore the impact of bereavement on customers and colleagues
  • To understand how empathy is communicated through Tone of Voice
  • To understand vicarious trauma
  • To consider employee wellbeing
  • To understand how bereavement affects employees



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Stacy Moore

Chartered Psychologist • Inner Circles Psychology Ltd

Stacy is Director of Inner Circles Psychology. She has 17 years’ experience as a Chartered Psychologist, working with educational and corporate settings in London and further afield. She is a clinical supervisor and professional speaker on the topic of mental health and wellbeing, particularly in supporting the impact of life transitions. Stacy has delivered training and informative talks for corporate and public sector clients, including the Chartered Institute of Insurers, ManyPets, NHS, universities and schools. She is a recurrent featured expert on BBC News and Channel 5 News and in various national print media on the topic of mental health.

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