AML, CTF, CPF, ROE & Sanctions Autumn Update

AML, CTF, CPF, ROE & Sanctions Autumn Update
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  • Released 13th Sept 2023
  • Trevor Hellawell
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Session 7 in a suite of regulatory updates the session will focus on up-to-date revisions to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regime which have come into force since the January edition. This will include a particular focus on the new LSAG Guidance Note (March), the integration of counter proliferation financing (CPF) (April) the latest on the Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) (which expired at the end of January), new High Risk Countries lists (June) and a word about the SRA’s focus on roles, source of wealth and source of funds enquiries.

Learning objectives:

Candidates will learn

  • Reminder of basics
  • Reminder of sanctions
  • New LSAG provisions
  • What CPF is all about and what it means
  • The implications of the expiration of the ROE deadline
  • New High Risk Countries designations
  • Source of Wealth and Funds enquiries (in brief)



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Trevor Hellawell

CEO • ExL Practice Development

Trevor Hellawell is a solicitor and legal training and management consultant working with major law firms, local law societies, many legal training providers and other clients. Until going freelance in 1999 he was a full time lecturer with the University of Law, ending his career as a Principal Lecturer at the York Branch. Until recently returning to the freelance arena, he was Head of Law Programmes at BPP.

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