Becoming data-driven: How modern law firms can continuously improve with real-time data

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  • Released 2nd Oct 2023
  • Amy Bruce, Ian Hopkins and Sam Jordan
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To remain competitive, modern law firms need to implement successful business habits and streamline their legal operations. We believe there are four fundamental mindsets and associated habits that firms should adopt to stay competitive, which we’re exploring in our Build Better Habits webinar series.

In the first episode of series two we’ll be exploring the importance of becoming a data-driven firm to optimise operations and improve long-term success.

Our expert panel share their practical tips and advice on building a data-driven culture and utilising data to optimise operations. I’m joined by CJ Anderson, director at Iron carrot, Ian Hopkins, senior consultant at CPM21, and Sam Jordan, COO at InfoTrack.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to be data-driven and why it’s important for long-term success
  • The top 3 habits firms should adopt to be more data-driven
  • Where to start if your firm is looking to become data-driven
  • The impact having have a digital-first mindset and the right digital tools


Amy Bruce

Marketing Manager

Osprey Approach

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Ian Hopkins

Senior Consultant


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Sam Jordan

Chief Operating Officer


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