How to Capture More Leads & Win More Business

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  • Released 27th Nov 2023
  • Emma Flood
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  • In the digital world, clients have more options than ever before. With a single online search, they are presented with hundreds of law firms that can solve their problems. So, how do you compete and succeed?
  • If you are spending time and money to make your phone ring and to get more leads through your law firm website, you could still be missing out on valuable leads. You need to build trust when they land on your website and make it easy for them to contact you. Capturing prospects is just as important as getting eyes on your firm and services.

Building trust with prospects

  • You need to convince prospects that you are the right firm for them. Not only through a great website, social media presence and valuable content, but at every touchpoint in their journey with your firm. Is your website easy to navigate? Do you offer live chat? Are your hours prominent and clear? Do you let prospects know when and how you will follow up? What about describing your processes and services? In this webinar, we take a look at what you can do to build trust with your prospects and to educate site visitors to improve the quality of your inquiries.

Capturing every opportunity

  • Do you know how much missed calls are costing your firm? How many clients end up with your competitors because you didn’t follow up quickly enough? In this webinar, we address one of the most neglected parts of the client journey - the initial inquiry. We look at how to be available for your clients 24/7 and best practices for call handling and follow-up.

Learning objectives:

  • You will understand how to build trust with your clients through valuable content.
  • How to educate prospects so that more of your inquiries are relevant and pre-qualified
  • How to optimise your website to make it easy and attractive for prospective clients to contact you
  • How to best capture leads outside of traditional office hours and when you are too busy to take client calls
  • How to make every call count and increase the chances of calls turning into clients
  • The importance of following up and how to make sure every lead receives the best possible service



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