HR Module 2: The HR Skills you need to succeed

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  • Released 22nd Jan 2024
  • Elissa Thursfield
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Accelerate your ascent on the "PathToPartner" with our second module, meticulously designed for ambitious solicitors aiming for partnership or initiating their journey into people management. This insightful, hour-long session continues our series on honing your HR and Management Skills, ensuring a holistic approach to your professional development.

Module 2 explores four pivotal areas: Delegation, Having Difficult Conversations, Mental Health, and Your Brand as a Manager. Learn the nuances of effective delegation to optimize productivity and cultivate team growth. Navigate through sensitive, challenging conversations with grace and achieve positive outcomes. Delve into mental health awareness, arming yourself with strategies to foster wellbeing within your professional sphere. Lastly, understand and develop 'Your Brand as a Manager', a segment dedicated to assisting you in creating a personal management style that resonates with leadership and credibility.

Why is this module a must-watch? Becoming a Partner demands a sophisticated blend of skills. Mastering delegation ensures seamless operations, while skillfully handling challenging conversations fortifies workplace relationships. Prioritizing mental health is indispensable, and crafting a distinct managerial brand sets you apart. This module is crafted to ensure your journey towards partnership is seamless, enriching, and strategically aligned with contemporary leadership demands.

Carefully curated for solicitors and recent partners, this module is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Navigate your PathToPartner with confidence, mastering skills that enhance your leadership acumen.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  1. Master Delegation Techniques:
    • Understand and apply effective delegation for optimal workload management and team growth.
  2. Navigate Difficult Conversations:
    • Acquire strategies to conduct challenging conversations tactfully and professionally.
    • Develop conflict resolution skills to strengthen communication and workplace relationships.
  3. Promote Mental Health Awareness:
    • Recognize and advocate for mental health and wellbeing within the professional environment.
  4. Develop Your Brand as a Manager:
    • Understand the concept of a personal managerial brand.
    • Develop and project a unique management style that aligns with leadership expectations and personal values.



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Elissa Thursfield

Managing Director • EMT Legal Ltd

Elissa is a specialist employment solicitor, having trained with a global corporate law firm, before moving to a regional practice where she became Head of Department and a Director supporting businesses with their Employment Law, including advising on day to day issues, complex processes and discrimination.

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