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  • Released 4th Jul 2022
  • David Sparkes
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Whilst many law firms are contemplating succession planning, others are considering growth strategies. For many years law firms have defaulted to organic growth as a strategy, but increasingly mergers or acquisitions has a part to play in the future of firms.

This presentation explores the drivers for M&A, discusses best practice for both buy and sell-side transactions and considers the benefits of using a sector specialist M&A broker.

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Learning objectives:

  • Key drivers for M&A
  • Planning an M&A strategy
  • Creating a value proposition
  • How to approach M&A
  • Preparing your firm for M&A
  • Benefits of using a sector specialist M&A broker


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David Sparkes

CEO & Founder • Millbourn Ross

A 25-year career in the legal sector provides the foundation for David to support business leaders with their growth strategy.

A strong exponent of investing in people, networks and connections, David is dedicated to close working relationships that drive material value. Having a deep understanding of individual and business goals enables him to facilitate meaningful introductions that are aligned to outcomes and ultimately accelerate the path to success.

David is best known for being the CEO and founder of the highly successful legal media business Burlington Media Group, and responsible for creating some of the most respected communities for operational leaders within the legal sector including Legal Support Network (LSN), Legal Practice Management (LPM), and Briefing communities.

An early career in law with Thomas Eggar Solicitors on the south coast (now Irwin Mitchell), Hanne & Co Solicitors a legal aid franchise in Clapham, London and a successful nine-year career in legal recruitment underpins a deep industry network.

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