The Insurance Distribution Directive

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  • Released 6th Sept 2022
  • Trevor Barnett
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This video provides a detailed overview of the Insurance Distribution Direction (IDD), the EU legislation that sets regulatory requirements for firms designing and selling insurance products.

An understanding of the IDD is vital for lawyers arranging insurance, to ensure they are compliant with the legislation and are acting in the best interest of their clients.

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Learning objectives:

  • What is The Insurance Distribution Direction (IDD)?
  • When the IDD came into force
  • How the IDD impacts law firms, their staff and their clients
  • How law firms can help ensure they are complaint with the IDD when arranging insurance



Trevor Barnett

Business Development Executive • DUAL Asset

Trevor joined DUAL Asset in November 2015 having entered the legal indemnity sector with First Title four years earlier. He previously enjoyed a 27-year career in residential mortgage lending holding a number of senior positions.

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