Why Digital Client Onboarding is Essential for Law Firms

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  • Released 15th Jan 2024
  • Sam Jordan, Amy Church and Richard Wollacott
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Digital onboarding has been gaining momentum with law firms rapidly since 2020. With rising fraud risk and the need for law firms to ensure their managing their compliance and due diligence requirements confidently, digital client onboarding is no longer an option but a priority.

Sam Jordan, COO at InfoTrack reviews why now is the time to switch to digital onboarding and how firms can effectively use it to start their transactions off faster and with greater accuracy than before. Joined by Amy Church, Managing Partner at Lucas & Wyllys Solicitors, and Richard Wollacott, Client Services Director at Knights.

Learning objectives:

  • Why digital onboarding is improving their client experience
  • How it’s helping them to effectively manage the due diligence process
  • How they’re saving time and getting crucial information returned faster
  • Why they would never return to traditional onboarding methods



Sam Jordan

Chief Operating Officer


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Amy Church

Managing Partner

Lucas & Wyllys

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Richard Wollacott

Client Services Director – Residential Property


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