Design a Technology Ecosystem that Supports Your Firm’s Growth and Innovation

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In this webinar, we will guide you through the creation of an ideal technology ecosystem for your firm. We will work with you to understand your current technology stack, identify opportunities for removing bottlenecks and redundant manual work, and help you map out an ideal technology ecosystem to support your firm’s business goals and client service ambitions. We will also explore how law firms can leverage innovative functionality, such as intuitive automation and workflows across their technology ecosystem to streamline their processes and enhance client experiences. Participants will gain practical knowledge and actionable insights to optimise their firm’s technology infrastructure, improve overall productivity and support business goals.

After the session, you can also contact Oliver at to get your own workbook to practically walk through each of the steps to evaluate your tech ecosystem, and ensure your firms’ success as outlined during this webinar.

  • Learn how to assess your law firm’s current technology infrastructure, identify pain points, and define clear goals for technology integration
  • Acquire the skills to map out your ideal tech stack, find areas for automation and integrations, create a visual representation of your ideal tech infrastructure
  • Learn how to leverage intuitive automation which can help streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and enhance productivity


Oliver Tromp

Regional Vice President, Sales • Actionstep

Oliver is the Regional Vice President, UK, at Actionstep, a fully cloud-based legal practice management system that helps law firms scale, grow, and nurture clients to thrive. As UK Regional Vice President, Oliver leads Actionstep’s UK go-to-market strategy including sales, marketing, customer success, and support.

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