How to demonstrate and develop credibility

How to demonstrate and develop credibility
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  • 1hr 11m
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  • Released 13th Sept 2023
  • Susan Heaton-Wright
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Qualifications alone will not reassure clients and prospects of how good you are.

There are situations in business where we need to demonstrate our credibility or personal impact. This gives clients, prospects, stakeholders, colleagues and senior staff more confidence in your abilities. It reassures them that you are trustworthy and will deliver.

Appreciating how we present ourselves in business meetings: with the language we use, our voices, how we prepare and our performance: non-verbal communication and presence.

In this session I share key characteristics of credibility and how to use it in an authentic way in business conversations to build rapport and trust with your clients and colleagues.. I also build your awareness of how your presence and confidence plays a role in credibility, even when you are not speaking.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what credibility is and how to demonstrate it
  • Become aware of how you respond to questions and requests from others
  • Discover how positive body language can increase your credibility
  • Use of voice and increasing your credibility
  • Creating a first impression that is credible and positive
  • Improving your communication skills so you can show credibility in different business settings


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Susan Heaton-Wright

Speaker, Facilitator, Spoken Communication Expert • SuperStar Communicator

Susan Heaton-Wright is the multi-award winning founder of SuperStar Communicator; former prize winning international opera singer and MD of award winning Viva Live Music. She is an international speaker; facilitator of masterclasses and workshops face to face and virtually and a speaker coach. She is an expert in spoken communication; presence; impact and credibility for career success. She has worked with many professional services organisations and multi-national companies including Astra Zeneca, Deloitte, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard and professional organisations. She has delivered content to attendees from more than 100 countries. Susan is the co-host of the SuperStar Communicator podcast When not working Susan is a fundraiser for charities; designs and sews her handmade wardrobe, swims and plays the viola in an orchestra.

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