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  • Released 12th Feb 2024
  • Claire Russell
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Starting a new law firm is an exciting journey with many possibilities and challenges ahead. Crafting a business plan can provide a blueprint to help navigate the complexities of running a successful practice and it is also an essential component for an application for solicitors professional indemnity insurance, and for an application for recognition to the SRA.

The business plan will help set clear goals and objectives, define strategies to achieve those objectives and enable you to measure success. In this bize size session, we will discuss key considerations when writing a business plan for a new law firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate the goals, objectives and key performance indicators for their new firm
  • Explain what key factors underwriters are looking for when considering a business plan for a new law firm
  • Develop a business plan that will meet with the requirements of insurance underwriters



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Claire Russell

Founder, Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Risk Advisor • Mental Health in Business and Regulated Risks

Claire is the founder and CEO of Mental Health in Business – a leading UK mental health consultancy providing mental health training and support to organisations across many sectors.

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