An Introduction to Advocacy in the Family Court

  • 1hr 2m
  • Introductory
  • Released 16th Jun 2021
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Family lawyers are often expected to undertake their own advocacy almost at the beginning of their careers. Many feel they lack the knowledge, skills or confidence to undertake this task and would benefit from some basic training in this area.

This presentation will assist those who wish to gain some elementary knowledge of their role as a family advocate. It will provide practical examples of hearings in divorce, domestic abuse, children (both public and private) and financial disputes.

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Learning objectives:

  • The benefits of undertaking family advocacy
  • Types of hearing you encounter
  • Negotiation
  • Preparation and bundles
  • Presenting evidence at the hearing
  • Litigants in Person and McKenzie Friends
  • Drafting court orders
  • Cafcass and local authority reports
  • Order of advocates in opening a case, submissions and closing speeches


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Stuart Barlow

Solicitor • Bhatia Best

Stuart has written articles on various family law subjects for the Law Society, The Barrister Magazine and the Resolution 'The Review'.

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