Introduction to Unfair Dismissal

Introduction to Unfair Dismissal
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  • 49m
  • Introductory
  • Released 2nd Aug 2021
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In this presentation, Simon McCrossan will present an introduction to Unfair Dismissal. With reference to statute and case law, Simon will outline what amounts to a ‘fair dismissal, explain who may bring a claim and outline issues that need to be considered with regard to remedies. This would be a helpful session for practitioners new to the area of employment law.

This is an ideal introductory presentation for those new to employment law and seeking to understand a core component of litigation in this area.

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Learning objectives:

  • Definition of Unfair Dismissal
  • ‘Fair Dismissals’
  • Automatically unfair dismissals
  • Constructive dismissals
  • Qualifying periods
  • Remedies

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Simon McCrossan

Barrister • Clerksroom Chambers

Simon specialises in employment disputes. He holds a specialist LL.M in Employment Law (Distinction) and estimates that he has advised on hundreds of unfair dismissal and discrimination matters alone for large panel insurers. Simon contributes towards national employment law newsletters and has lectured in this area upon the UK’s largest LL.B programme. Prior to the bar, Simon worked as a senior teacher (11-18).

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