SRA Audits - from an auditors perspective

SRA Audits - from an auditors perspective
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  • Released 6th Sep 2021
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A talk through of the critical areas of the annual client money / SRA Accounts Rules audit, from the point of view of an experienced auditor and Reporting Accountant of more than 20 years.

The session looks at the role of the Reporting Accountant and what all firms should be doing to make sure they are prepared for the audit. We will focus on the SRA high risk areas that all firms need to be absolutely in control of, including residual balances, the provision of prohibited banking facilities and billing for costs and disbursements, as well as how the Reporting Accountant will be reviewing your compliance with these. We will also consider what firms must do to remain compliant going forward.

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Learning objectives:

  • SRA Accounts Rules compliance.
  • An understanding of the critical risk areas in the SRA Accounts Rules.
  • How to plan and prepare for the annual SRA Accounts Rules audit.
  • Understand the importance of SRA guidance.
  • Understand the approach that the Reporting Accounts will take and making sure firms are prepared.

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Ian Johnson

Principal Consultant • Johnson Consulting

Ian is a qualified accountant and works closely with professional practices, especially law firms.

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