Conflicts, Confidentiality and Undertakings

Conflicts, Confidentiality and Undertakings
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  • 58m
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  • Released 5th Apr 2023
  • Trevor Hellawell
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Session 3 in a suite of regulatory updates the session will focus on the thorny issues of conflicts of interest (and the relevant exceptions), up-to-date considerations on confidentiality and GDPR breaches. The session will also feature an extended discussion of the current position on undertakings – who can give and when we should be cautious about receiving them, given new professional structural rules.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to spot conflicts of interest and what to do when they do
  • Critical issues to do with confidentiality
  • GDPR implications
  • Undertakings – what are they, who can give them, from whom can we receive them?


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Trevor Hellawell

CEO • ExL Practice Development

Trevor Hellawell is a solicitor and legal training and management consultant working with major law firms, local law societies, many legal training providers and other clients. Until going freelance in 1999 he was a full time lecturer with the University of Law, ending his career as a Principal Lecturer at the York Branch. Until recently returning to the freelance arena, he was Head of Law Programmes at BPP.

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