How conveyancers can identify gaps exposing them to risk in the conveyancing process

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  • Released 3rd Apr 2023
  • Sam Jordan and Paul Sams
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The digitisation of conveyancing continues and law firms are looking to find ways of keeping up with the ever-evolving regulatory and compliance updates.

Join Sam Jordan, COO at InfoTrack and Paul Sams, Partner at Dutton Gregory as they discuss the importance of understanding the value of technology conveyancing.

From compliance to productivity, they explore which risks are increased by not digitising your processes, as well as how to identify opportunities for your firm.

They’ll also review the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index, a new tool designed to help conveyancers benchmark their digitisation efforts against industry averages. Additionally, they will cover how the personalised report can help firms access a starting point for finding new opportunities, as well as highlighting areas they are already performing well in.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why law firms need to focus on digital adoption
  • Which risks are increased by not digitising your conveyancing process
  • Why the lack of digitisation in pre-completion is impacting your business
  • How CMS integration brings the entire picture together for a single source of truth
  • Quick wins you can implement to start digitalising your conveyancing process fast
  • How to use the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index to identify opportunities for your firm


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Sam Jordan

Chief Operating Officer


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Paul Sams


Dutton Gregory Solicitors

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