How to build a compliance programme that works

How to build a compliance programme that works
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Often Compliance Officers within law firms express concern that no matter how much they spend on compliance, there are still gaps and instances of non-compliance. Whilst there are many factors in building an effective programme, there are some fundamental principles which if followed with ensure your investment in compliance brings results.

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Learning objectives:

  • Understand the main elements of a successful compliance programme
  • Gain a practical understanding of building engaging training and policies which will be read and understood
  • Be able to identify the organisational cultural issues which can damage your compliance programme
  • Appreciate the importance of establishing compliance control frameworks and deploying consequences for non compliance


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Amy Bell

Director • Teal Compliance

Amy is the Founder of Teal Compliance and Teal Legal as well as the Author of Solicitors and Money Laundering and Compliance That Works (Due to be published in Spring 2021).

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