In conversation with David Gilmore: How to ensure a proactive compliance culture within your firm to mitigate risk

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Empowering Law Firm Leaders is an interview series – hosted by Osprey Approach – that talks with experts across the legal sector to discover the mindsets, behaviours, skills, and digital tools that are needed to run a successful modern law firm.

In this conversation, David Gilmore – director of the largest provider of strategic and compliance services to the legal sector in England and Wales – shares his decades of experience to help you ensure compliance and mitigate risk throughout your firm.

David Gilmore, founder of DG Legal and member of the Law Society’s leadership and management committee, joined me for episode four of our interview series: Empowering law firm leaders. In this conversation we discuss how SMEs can instil a culture of compliance that helps to ease the pressure of staying compliant and mitigating risk.

In this conversation we cover:

  • Common compliance pitfalls to avoid
  • Risk management best practices
  • Tips for building a compliance culture
  • How to keep up to date and enforce changing compliance requirements


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David Gilmore


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