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  • Released 7th Mar 2022
  • Anne Harnetty
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Ongoing communication is the single most important attribute of successful integration. How you communicate must encompass how you convey your strategy and vision. You must deliver the right message in the right way with clear detailed messages that show the business case for the benefits for the merger and how they will be delivered. Remember communication starts the second you debate M&A. Have a strong and thought through communications plan which can only be of benefit. Your messages need to consistent and ongoing and do not assume that people at all levels are on side if you tell them something once or twice. Recognise that communication is a skill, be truthful and build momentum and ensure people at all levels are on side.

Communication has three main areas of impact, Partners, staff and clients.

Partners need a compelling reason to merge, they need to understand the vison for the merged entity so how that is communicated is key.

Staff are your greatest asset so how you communicate with them is key. In reality few people actually meet before a merger, so you need to give focus and direction.

Your clients need reassurance of how important they are to you and following a merger is the time to elevate client relationships.

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Learning objectives:

  • A communication plan is essential following M&A
  • The impact on partners and staff following M&A
  • The importance of conveying the benefits of M&A to clients
  • Real examples from Managing Partners who have experienced M&A
  • The impact if we do not communicate well
  • Ensure key roles are decided in advance and why.



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Anne Harnetty

Managing Director • Jonson Beaumont

Anne Harnetty is the founder and Director of Jonson Beaumont Core, which is a merger integration service providing project management and planning for every step of integration, and Jonson Beaumont specialises in search and selection in professional services for the C-Suite. Anne has over thirty-five years’ experience working in the legal sector and is a director of several CEO, COO and CFO forums. She has a wealth of experience providing constructive advice to Managing Partners and Boards on a range of issues within the legal sector and exchanging ideas and insights.

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