Pricing models: Their role in helping modern law firms build a client-focused brand

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  • Released 27th Nov 2023
  • Amy Bruce, Shaun Jardine and Scott Simmons
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To remain competitive, modern law firms need to implement successful business habits and streamline their legal operations. We believe there are four fundamental mindsets and associated habits that firms should adopt to stay competitive, which we’re exploring in our Build Better Habits webinar series.

In the second episode of series two we’ll be exploring how law firms can ensure their building a client-focused brand and the impact the pricing model may be having on their service. Our expert panel share their practical tips and advice on enhancing the client experience and implementing value-based pricing.

I’m joined by Shaun Jardine, owner of Big Yellow Penguin, and Scott Simmons, co-founder and Director of Legal Balance.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The relationship between your brand and your client experience
  • What 'value' means and the benefits of value-based pricing
  • The top habits of truly client-focused brands

How your pricing model is impacting your service


Amy Bruce

Marketing Manager

Osprey Approach

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Shaun Jardine


Big Yellow Penguin Ltd

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Scott Simmons


Legal Balance Limited

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