Legal services pricing - what we do wrong and how to get it right

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  • Released 6th Jun 2021
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Legal services pricing has become a priority for any firm seeking financial success in an ever competitive marketplace. As well as increased profits, a sophisticated approach to pricing results in happy clients.

This webinar will outline what it is we do wrong and how introducing pricing tactics and intelligence can have a dramatic positive impact on your practice.

Learning objectives:

  • Why many normal behaviours in practice are wrong
  • What clients really want when they buy legal services
  • What to do differently to achieve greater profitability
  • An insight in value pricing and pricing models available

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Richard Allen

Senior Consultant • Burcher Jennings, Validatum & Virtual Pricing Director

Over 35 years’ unique litigation, legal costs and practice management experience, being one of the first to achieve Costs Lawyer status and make partner in a solicitor’s practice.

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