Turnover Rents – Flavour of the Month, or the New Normal?

Turnover Rents – Flavour of the Month, or the New Normal?
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  • Released 7th Mar 2022
  • Mark Shelton
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The surge in popularity in turnover-based rents has come as a reaction to a period of great economic uncertainty. The High Street, already struggling before Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, has reacted by seeking increasingly flexible lease terms.

Turnover rents are attractive for tenants, with the landlord sharing their business risk to some extent. They offer flexibility when business turns down, while incentivising the landlord to promote and maintain the development. For the landlord they reduce the risk of tenant insolvency and rental voids.

But working through the implications in the lease drafting can be a headache, raising issues on information capture, underletting restrictions and the operation of break clauses, to name a few.

This webinar considers these issues, as well as the problem of how well turnover rents work in a world of increasing sophistication in online retail models.

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Learning objectives:

• Calculation of turnover rent

• Ability to revert to an open market rent

• Implications for alienation

• Impact on rent review

• Impact on break options

• Relevance of use restrictions


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Mark Shelton

Commercial Property Management Law Trainer • CPM Law Training Ltd

Mark Shelton is a freelance legal trainer, having practised in major commercial law firms for thirty years. He qualified with Linklaters and has always specialised in property litigation. Mark was a Partner at Lawrence Graham, and has acted for major property investors, financial institutions and leading retailers. He was a Professional Support Lawyer for a number of years, most recently at Eversheds Sutherland LLP, working with the UK’s largest specialist real estate litigation team. He is a contributor to Estates Gazette, Property Week and Property Law Journal, and the author of books on:

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