Becoming a Rainmaker: Why BD skills are the future of the legal profession

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  • Released 9th May 2022
  • Scott Simmons
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The legal landscape has changed, with technology and a new generation of clients demanding a new way of thinking and working from lawyers. Getting the job done is no longer enough, lawyers must become trusted advisors. In this webinar, Scott Simmons explains why business development must be at the forefront of a lawyer's activities and gives some simple first steps to get started on your journey to becoming a rainmaker.

This webinar is aimed at lawyers of all levels and ages, those who are comfortable with business development, but looking for new ideas, and those who are just getting started.

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Learning objectives:

  • The five trends that are driving change in the legal profession
  • The difference between marketing and business development
  • What 21st Century BD really is
  • Scott’s 9 principles of PRECISION selling
  • Why cross-selling is your easiest win
  • 5 reasons why you lose clients
  • Why outbound selling should be part of your overall strategy
  • The 4 levels of value creation
  • Why CRM is your best friend for BD


Scott Simmons

Director • Legal Balance Limited

Scott is a toolbox for turning lawyers into rainmakers.

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