Buying Selling and Merging a Law Firm

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  • Released 1st Nov 2021
  • Viv Williams
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An in-depth understanding of how to sell or acquire a law firm. The mistakes to avoid and the pitfalls of not using a professional advisor. Understanding the various options available to all sizes of law firms from the sole practitioner to a large corporate practice. 10 top tips on each step of the journey.

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Learning objectives:

  • How to grow your practice
  • Knowing your law firms worth
  • How to prepare to sell your practice then invaluable advice on what to do to avoid issues
  • How to negotiate when merging law firms


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Viv Williams

Director • Viv Williams Consulting

Viv’s experience as a Managing Director of two floated plc companies adds a new dimension to law firms. He has the experience necessary to provide an invaluable practical management insight that applies to all professional firms. He is a specialist in strategy, merger and acquisition and “lean management” theory helping law firms to evolve. He provides the vision and inspiration for law firms to become more corporate. By applying corporate governance to a modern law firm Viv helps them to improve their management systems and increase profitability.

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