Disability in the Law Firm: providing equal opportunities and removing barriers

Disability in the Law Firm: providing equal opportunities and removing barriers
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  • Released 7th Mar 2022
  • Daniel Holt
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This presentation aims to provide the knowledge and skills required to create an inclusive workplace for disabled employees in law firms.

This presentation is useful and accessible to all members of the law firm, from partners to volunteers.

The topics covered are applicable to every aspect of working in a law firm. This starts with recruitment and training and how you can support applicants to disclose their disability for the purposes of giving them an equal opportunity. Law firms are under an obligation to provide reasonable adjustment under section 39 of the Equality Act 2010. This presentation will enable to approach the assessment and implementation of support.

Creating a productive working environment is included in this presentation, as it looks at disabling practices that create unfairness and discrimination. This includes addressing bullying, ill-treatment, harassment, and victimisation.

Barriers to progression are tackled too, such as how to prevent criteria acting as an obstacle to disabled employees.

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Learning objectives:

  • To understand the barriers faced by disabled solicitors.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills to remove obstacles to having disability equality, inclusion and diversity in the solicitors’ profession.


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Daniel Holt

Unregistered Barrister and Disability Activist •

Daniel is the Founding Chair of the Association of Disabled Lawyers. Engaging with the Bar Standards Board ("BSB"), Legal Services Board, Solicitors Regulatory Authority, and many other organisations, Daniel helps improve the experiences of lawyers and students with health conditions. He recently joined the BSB Disability Taskforce, where he provide guidance as to the difficulties faced by disabled barristers.

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