How to approach due diligence in relation to law firms’ merger and acquisitions

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  • Released 4th Jul 2022
  • Peter Noyce and Ross Wiggins
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Merger and acquisition activity within the legal sector has been a hot topic for a number of years now but often law firms approach the business combination with the wrong focus. Whether this is with an almost delusional approach to the success of the combined entity or the opposite that any merger is bound to be a disaster and is therefore removed from their strategy, the topic always needs to be explored in more detail.

This webinar featuring Peter Noyce, head of legal services at accountants Menzies LLP, and his fellow partner and corporate finance specialist Ross Wiggins looks at how an appropriate due diligence approach can avoid many of the pitfalls that both parties within the talks can fall foul of.

A combination should never be viewed that in any way 2+2 will equal 4 and certainly due diligence will look to uncover and identify where projections of both profitability and cash flow will not come to fruition as it is always a good to know these things in advance rather than find out once the merged firm hits difficulty and those responsible are taking the flak for what is not quite as it seemed.

Peter and Ross explore this through a discussion that hopefully will provide answers and guidance as to how to approach merger discussions and the relevant due diligence process.

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Learning objectives:

Those listening to the webinar will gain a useful insight into not only how to approach the due diligence process but what particular areas, especially in this post pandemic period, to focus upon. The general aim of due diligence is discussed and drilled down into which will provide the delegates with a clear understanding as to why and when you would embark on that very important interrogation of the numbers involved in your upcoming merger deal.


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Peter Noyce

Partner, Head of legal sector

Menzies LLP

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Ross Wiggins

Corporate Finance Partner

Menzies LLP

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