Freezing Orders - A Practical Guide

Freezing Orders - A Practical Guide
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  • Released 30th Jun 2021
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The process of obtaining a Freezing Order can be complex, and have huge repercussions on all parties involved. For this reason, it is vital that practitioners are knowledgeable of the process and fully prepared to advise their clients on its subsequent implications.

In this session, we will explore the Freezing Order process from start to finish, including the documentation required, the likely timescales involved, cost implications, courts’ discretion and relevant case law.

Learning objectives:

  • What is a Freezing Order? (And what is it not?)
  • Pre-action considerations and requirements
  • Key Skills so as to ensure success
  • The Freezing Order process and administrative requirements
  • The Legal Test, as imposed by the Courts
  • Costs Implications, on both parties
  • Helpful Hints & Tips; Additional Points to Note and consider
  • Relevant and Recent case law updates

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Krystene Bousfield

Senior Associate Solicitor • Travlaw Legal Services Limited

Originally from County Down, Northern Ireland, Krystene attended Northumbria University where she achieved a 2.1 L.L.B. Law (Exempting) degree, before completing her LPC in 2011 and moving to Leeds in 2013.

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