Legal Iconoclasts EXPO #1 – What’s all the fuss about?

Legal Iconoclasts EXPO #1  – What’s all the fuss about?
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  • Released 4th Aug 2022
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An introduction to a new movement called the Legal Iconoclasts and the impact they plan to make on the legal market by using new virtual exhibition technology.

This presentation introduces you to Shaun Jardine and Scott Simmons two of the speakers at the very first Legal Iconoclast EXPO #1 which will deal with the important subjects of

Winning work and not leaving value on the table: An introduction to rainmaking and pricing for value.

Shaun and Scott will be joined by Melbourne based lawyer John Chisholm a value-based pricing guru and Jacqui Brown the owner of a Perth based law firm Lynn and Brown, who ditched time recording and embraced value-based pricing 5 years ago.

Intrigued to learn more? Watch this short presentation and then head over to

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Scott Simmons


Legal Balance Limited

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Shaun Jardine


Big Yellow Penguin Ltd

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