Menopause and the workplace

Menopause and the workplace
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  • Released 4th Apr 2022
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This session will discuss menopause and the workplace and consider the following issues:

  • What is menopause and what are the symptoms?
  • Who is affected?
  • Should menopause be viewed as a workplace issue?
  • What types of problems may arise?
  • What legal protections do menopausal workers have?
  • Learning points from recent Employment Tribunal disputes.
  • Is the law in this area going to change?
  • What should good employers be doing now to support menopausal workers?
  • What sorts of things should go into a menopause policy?

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Learning objectives:

  • The different phases of the menopause and the potential impact on health.
  • Which groups of workers are affected by the menopause.
  • Common workplace problems that arise in connection with the menopause.
  • How affected workers are protected in law:
  • - health and safety;
  • - unfair dismissal; and
  • - discrimination protection (in particular, whether menopause is a disability.
  • The prevalence of Employment Tribunal disputes in the last five years and the practical learning points that can be drawn from these claims.
  • Changes on the horizon and what steps good employers can take now to support affected workers.

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Amanda Steadman

Principal Knowledge Lawyer • BDBF LLP

Amanda is the Principal Knowledge Lawyer at BDBF LLP, a top-ranked employment law firm in the City of London. She leads the training and know-how function for the firm and its clients.

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Menopause and the workplace

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