An Introduction To Charity Legacy Management For Legal Professionals

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  • Released 9th May 2022
  • Matthew Lagden
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Offering specialist training and qualifications, expert advice and a growing support network, the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) is the membership body for all professionally qualified staff working with charitable legacies. Established in 1999, we now represent and support more than 600 individuals, working in over 350 charities, not-for-profit organisations and associated professions.

Across the sector, legacy professionals are responsible for over £3bn of charitable income each year – income that many charitable organisations rely on for their survival. They are proud to do the work they do, they know they are representing a person’s final wishes, and they conduct their work with great skill and compassion.

Ultimately ILM seeks to ensure that every donor’s charitable legacy achieves its greatest potential. In working towards that goal, the Institute partners with a range of organisations and professional bodies to ensure the legal environment supports and promotes charity legacy giving, and to offer members additional support, information, and collaboration opportunities.

This session will introduce the Institute of Legacy Management, and legacy management more generally, to professional executors.

It will explain why legacies are so important to the charity sector, the regulatory framework that charities work under, who ILM’s members are and what they do, and how solicitors can help charities and make the probate process more efficient.

Working with our legal partners and For Legal, we have produced a range of videos, explaining key areas of probate law and practice as they apply to charities.

This video acts as an introduction to the series, enabling you to make the most of the other videos.


Downloads: ILM Residuary Case File Documentation Factsheet for Professional Executors

Institute of Legacy Management

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Learning objectives:

  • The scale of legacy income and why it is so important to the charity sector
  • The regulatory framework that binds charities
  • The role of ILM’s members within charities
  • How executors can support charities
  • The information that charities need to hold on file, and why they need to hold it



Matthew Lagden

CEO • Institute of Legacy Management

Matthew has worked in the charity sector for over 20 years, including for the BHF, Action For Children, and most recently as Director of Development at St Paul’s Cathedral. He has been CEO of the Institute of Legacy Management since the summer of 2018.

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