Debt Recovery for Business - advising clients and how to run a business effectively

Debt Recovery for Business - advising clients and how to run a business effectively
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  • Released 7th Mar 2022
  • Stephen Allinson
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Financial problems for companies are, unfortunately, currently very much in the business and political news at the moment. The economic challenges facing the SME market as we emerge from the pandemic are clear for all to see. The number of companies failing has been increasing in the last quarter of 2021 and the pressure on many business owners is substantial. Therefore, proactive advice from professional advisors ensuring money owed is collected quickly and efficiently is absolutely crucial. This webinar will bring practitioners up to date with what has been happening in the last 12 months and provide many tips and tactics to assist your clients in this area of law and so will provide practical advice for your day-to-day practice.

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Learning objectives:

  • Background to the SME market during these COVID times.
  • Terms and conditions of trading –how to avoid your client being caught out.
  • Improving cash collection techniques for the SME.
  • Debt Recovery and Enforcement in practice- the important elements explained.
  • The emphasis will be on practical consequences for your day to day work and also look at some potential areas for the future.


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Stephen Allinson

Solicitor and Licensed Insolvency Pracitioner • Allinson Law

Stephen is a Solicitor and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner who has specialised in business law, credit, debt, and insolvency work since 1987, and has extensive experience in dealing with the full range of these procedures. Prior to setting up his own consultancy in 2008, he was a Business Recovery and Insolvency partner at a major law firm. He currently undertakes consultancy for several legal firms as well as pursuing other projects in the legal, insolvency and credit fields.

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