Legal software procurement 7 things to watch out for

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  • Released 18th May 2022
  • Tim Smith, Angela Hesketh and Elwyn Morgan
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This procurement webinar, the first of a series involving experts from the LSSA, and accompanying LSSA white papers, aims to set out the essential items for legal software purchasers to consider when buying new legal software. The expert LSSA panel provide a guide and effective checklists to maximise opportunities and avoid pitfalls during procurement and implementation.

For legal software purchasers, procuring new software has been seen as a daunting task. It is not something that occurs very often and can strike fear in the heart of the IT partner, possibly due to a previous bad experience. However, times have changed, and data interoperability has improved substantially. Legal software suppliers are more adept at transferring data and have various tools and products they can deploy to ensure data can be safely and securely migrated.

A decision to change software product should be exciting. Legal software users should concentrate on the benefits it will bring to the business. Many technology businesses rely on excitement to drive adoption of new devices and new software products.

The webinar is hosted by Tim Smith, chair of the LSSA and CEO of Insight Legal Software, in discussion with expert panel members Elwyn Morgan of Timeslice Ltd and Angela Hesketh of Smoove. The panel discuss 7 key areas to consider and actions to take to ensure an effective new system selection for your firm.


For more information on the LSSA, visit their partner profile by clicking the logo to the side of this video.

Learning objectives:

The delegates will learn how to maximise success and minimise challenges during the legal software procurement process

Specifically, panel members will consider and discuss the following questions :-

  1. Before looking at new suppliers, what should you look out for with your current system to know when it’s time to change?
  2. How do you ensure you have asked all the correct questions when researching new suppliers?
  3. How do you effectively communicate a change in system to employees and stakeholders?
  4. How do you ensure your data can be safely and securely migrated?
  5. What kind of red flags do you commonly see in contracts?
  6. How do you identify prospective suppliers?
  7. What is the best way to navigate a demonstration?


Tim Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Insight Legal Software

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Angela Hesketh

Director of Conveyancing Transformation


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Elwyn Morgan

Sales Director

Timeslice Limited

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