Maximising ROI when investing in legal software

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  • Released 6th Mar 2023
  • Tim Smith, Angela Hesketh, Elwyn Morgan and Bishu Solomon Girma
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This implementation webinar, the third of a series involving experts from the LSSA, and accompanying LSSA white papers, aims to set out the essential areas for legal software professionals to consider when implementing ongoing investment in legal software tools in their organisations.

When committing to an ongoing investment in technology, it is important to ensure the infrastructure, physical and virtual assets, and continued support and deployment are regularly reviewed and considered.

Legal professionals must understand how best to mitigate risk, exploit business opportunities, and ensure a return on the expenditure.

The panelists on this webinar will explore how delegates can maximize their ongoing investment, including the consideration of matters such as compliance, training, and security.

The webinar is hosted by Tim Smith, CEO of Insight Legal and recent chair of the LSSA, in discussion with expert panel members Elwyn Morgan of Timeslice Ltd, Bishu Solomon Girma from Access Legal, and Angela Hesketh of Smoove. The panel provides a guide and checklist of factors to benchmark when committing to ongoing investment in legal technology.

Learning Objectives:

The delegates will learn how an organisation can maximise the benefits of ongoing investment.

Specifically, panel members consider and discuss the following elements:

1. Common pitfalls post-purchase

  • Lost opportunity through not maximising investment
  • Potential security breaches and risks with old software/hardware
  • Downtime and loss of work by not replacing software/hardware

2. What to look out for with your software purchase

  • SaaS vs Outright purchased software, what are the differences and implications
  • What ongoing training support is included within your software package

3. Software and hardware asset register

  • What it is and what should be included on the register
  • Maintenance and updating responsibilities

4. Ongoing training

  • How to ensure new staff are trained on platforms and making to best of new features
  • How to identify needs in the wider teams

5. Risk and security

  • Ensuring systems remain compliant, even in homeworking setups)
  • How to safely dispose of old software/hardware

6. Deployment

  • How to get the best value from the software
  • Sharing best practices with the team
  • Learning about new features and ensuring these are shared with the business



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Tim Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Insight Legal Software

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Angela Hesketh

Director of Conveyancing Transformation


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Elwyn Morgan

Sales Director

Timeslice Limited

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Bishu Solomon Girma

Director, Customer Success

Access Legal

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