Recent development in applications for interim relief against public bodies

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  • Released 4th Aug 2022
  • Louis Browne KC
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This presentation will provide the most up to date case law on the circumstances in which the Court will grant interim relief against public bodies it will be of interest to all those who practice in the area of public law. However, it will be of particular interest to those with a specialism in judicial review.

It will consider the relationship between the well-known grounds for the grant of interim relief (balance of prejudice – American Cyanamid), but in the context of the Human Rights Act 1998. It will also consider the very recent case of the challenge involving the attempted removal of refugees to Rwanda.

It is essential viewing for practitioners who want to fully understand the most developments in this important area of law.

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Learning objectives:

  • The principles which are applied by the court when considering an application to restrain publication by a public body
  • The relevance of the strength of the underlying claim on applications for interim relief against public bodies
  • The impact of section 12(3) of the Human Rights Act 1998 on such applications
  • Issues arising on challenges by way of judicial review to the findings of a statutory regulator, including as to the weighing of evidence


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Louis Browne KC

Barrister at Law/Kings Counsel • Exchange Chambers

First class honours degree in law, I began practising in 1992, moving to Exchange Chambers in 2000. Treasury Counsel for 17 years, I took silk in 2017. Diverse practice including in personal injury, privacy/defamation. Particular interest in judicial review. Recent cases include acting for local authorities on challenges to refuse an indemnity to an ex-mayor, whether a decision could be impugned for apparent bias and Coroners investigations to the width of their inquiries.

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