Google Ads Checklist: 10 Steps To Set Your Law Firm Advertising Up For Success

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  • Released 4th Apr 2022
  • Silvia Coletto
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Have you ever thought you should use Google Ads to promote your law firm and its services, but didn’t know how to get started, what you really need, and whether or not you’re actually ready?

Or maybe you’ve dabbled with Google Ads in the past for some time, but you didn’t see any results from them, so you decided they just weren’t worth it?

The good news is, Google Ads are most definitely worth it, and the lack of results is usually a by-product of missing marketing fundamentals, which can be easily fixed.

Too many law firms and businesses in general start by setting up an ad, choosing a daily budget and leaving it ‘to work its magic’. Thinking, in other words, that successful advertising starts and ends with writing an ad and pushing a few buttons.

That’s quite literally the wrong way round.

Before ad creation, there is extensive work to do around target audience, marketing message, understanding the goals, aligning the revenue targets, making sure the website is properly tracked and plenty more.

Missing one of these steps, means your advertising will be progressively less effective, and ultimately, result in losing money, time and the infamous phrase “We tried Google Ads but it didn’t work”.

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Learning objectives:

  • To have an understanding of how paid ads fit within the rest of your marketing
  • To have realistic expectations of how Google Ads can help your law firm
  • To have an overview of what’s missing (or needs fixing) in your marketing setup before you can run ads
  • To have a priority order you can work to if your law firm agrees to invest in Google Ads


Silvia Coletto

Paid advertising specialist • The Paid Ads School

Silvia Coletto has been geeking out on paid advertising since 2015, and managed a few million in advertising spend across small, medium and big clients across multiple industries ever since. She specialises in B2B and non-profit digital advertising – she can take on the day-to-day management of the advertising accounts, consult, train marketing team members, or a mixture of the above. Silvia was born in Italy and moved to the United Kingdom in 2014, where she now lives with her family.

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