Charities: Serious Incident Reporting

Charities: Serious Incident Reporting
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  • 46m
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  • Released 2nd Aug 2021
  • Claris D’cruz
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This webinar is aimed at charity advisors and those within charities who may be responsible for handling serious incidents and reporting them to the Charity Commission.

The webinar will look at how to identify and handle a serious incident. It will consider how to determine which incidents needs to be reported to the Charity Commission and provide an overview of the latest guidance on handling and reporting serious incidents during the pandemic. It will include practical tips about what to include when reporting such incidents, how to make the report, where responsibilities for reporting lie within a charity and why this should be a governance priority for all charities. It will consider other agencies and regulatory bodies that may need to be informed and the steps that should be taken to ensure such incidents do not recur.

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Learning objectives:

  • What amounts to a serious incident
  • Key steps in handling such an incident
  • Recent guidance on handling and reporting serious incidents during the pandemic
  • When it is necessary to file a report with the Charity Commission
  • What to include in the report
  • How to make the report
  • Whose responsibility it is to report
  • Who else might report
  • Other agencies or regulatory bodies to inform
  • Why this is a governance priority for all charities


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Claris D’cruz

Charities Consultant • Claris D’cruz Ltd

I qualified as a barrister before becoming a charity lawyer. I worked 'at the coalface' as an in-house legal adviser for a registered charity and then as a Charity Commission lawyer, before going into private practice. I have 25 years’ experience of advising charities, of all sizes on a wide range of issues such as setting up and registering new charities, mergers, and incorporations, as well as dealing with the Charity Commission to regularise unauthorised trustee remuneration and regarding defective trustee appointments. I have over 15 years’ voluntary sector leadership experience and over 20 years' experience of delivering CPD training on charity law and practice for lawyers, accountants and other professionals, charity staff and trustees. The CPD training I deliver covers both technical and practical issues.

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