Introduction to value pricing

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  • Released 7th Mar 2022
  • Shaun Jardine
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Remove the artificial fee cap imposed by the billable hour and increase profit on the bottom line.

This webinar is a brief introduction to the advantages of ditching the billable hour and embracing value pricing in the legal sector.

Learn how value is assessed, how lawyers can capture it and the benefits that value pricing brings to clients, law firms and most importantly the lawyers.

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Learning objectives:

  • How lawyers price now
  • What do customers want
  • What is value?
  • Value Pricing defined
  • Common myths
  • Why change?
  • New mindset
  • Objections
  • Meeting the customer
  • Questions for the customer
  • Questions for your lawyers
  • Golden rules
  • Advantages
  • Customers
  • Law firm
  • Lawyers
  • Start the journey
  • Final thoughts


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Shaun Jardine

Director • Big Yellow Penguin Ltd

Shaun is unashamedly and unapologetically a disruptor. As a solicitor, commercial director, and former law firm CEO of a top 250 law firm, he has a unique insight into what makes law firms tick and how to exploit the good bits and ditch the bad. Shaun’s mantra is “What you do today, will determine your tomorrow.’

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